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Series HF High Density Sealed Tubes for up to 60 wires

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An FEP lined, stainless steel tube is swaged over multiple, insulated, single-core copper and/or thermocouple material wires to make a continuous wire, high-density, sealed feedthrough tube with up to 60 wires. These are used for thermocouples, resistance thermometers and low voltage instrumentation. The sealed tube assembly is usually mounted in a Series PF or MF feedthrough. Series HF feedthroughs are manufactured with customer-specified wire lengths.

Epoxies and other sealants are not used in the construction of HF feedthroughs. sealed tubes. They are suitable for use where outgassing is not permitted. The thermocouple pairs are available with or without junctions. Please contact us for further details.

  • Single tube assembly mounts in a series PF or PSF feedthrough, sold separately
  • Multiple tubes mount in a series MF or MSF feedthrough, sold separately
  • Saves time and costs by allowing multiple sensor wires to pass through a feedthrough as a single element
  • Sealed tubes with continuous, multiple, insulated conductors
  • Stainless steel tube (316L) is sealed without potting, epoxies or glues
  • Copper or thermocouple-material wires
  • Max. current rating per wire 500mA at 100Vdc
  • Guide pressure range: Vacuum up to 350 bar with low leak rate
  • Temperature rating: -40°C to +125°C
  • 4 tube sizes carrying 12, 24, 40 or 60 size 24AWG copper or thermocouple material wires
  • ATEX / IECEx Approved versions to Ex II 2 GD, Ex d IIC Gb / Ex e IIC Gb, Ex ta IIIC Da available, please contact us for more details
Thermocouple Pairs
Pairs bunched and numbered pairs
RTD Wires
Wires bunched and numbered as Triples or Quads
Standard Copper 'Triples'
Wires bunched as'triples' with each triple numbered and containing 1 red, 1 white and 1 other colour as shown below.
Thermocouple Type IEC 60584.3 ANSI MC96.1 3 wire 4 wire Number of Wires 12 wire 24 wire 40 wire 60 wire
K Green Yellow Red Red Triple 1 Yellow Yellow Yellow Yellow
White Red Red Red Triple 2 Blue Blue Blue Blue
T Brown White White White Triple 3 Black Black Black Black
White Red   White Triple 4 Green Green Green Green
J Black Blue   Triple 5   Brown Brown Brown
White Red Triple 6   Lilac Lilac Lilac
N Pink Orange Triple 7   Orange Orange Orange
White Red Triple 8   Pink Pink Pink
R/S Orange Black Triple 9     Yellow Yellow
White Red Triple 10     Blue Blue
E Lilac Purple Triple 11     Black Black
White Red Triple 12     Green Green
  Triple 13     Brown Brown
Instrument Pairs Triple 14       Lilac
Pairs bunched and numbered as pairs Triple 15       Orange
Material Part Code Colours Triple 16       Pink
Copper CU2 Red Triple 17       Yellow
    White Triple 18       Blue
Other colour combinations are available - please contact TC Ltd for more information. Triple 19       Black
Triple 20       Green
Number of Wires / Tube Dimensions
Type HF12 HF24 HF40 HF60
Number of Wires 12 24 40 60
Tube diameter (mm) 4.5 6.0 8.0 10.0
Tube length (mm) 80 100 100 100

Enquiry Form - Single Entry Thermocouple Feedthrough

1. Feedthrough Type

2. Number of Wires and Material2

3. Element Diameter

3. Element Diameter

3. Element Diameter

3. Element Diameter

3. Element Diameter

3. Element Diameter

3. Element Diameter

3. Wire Length CAP SIDE1

4. Wire Length PROCESS SIDE1

5. Colour Codes

6. Quantity Required

  1. The wire lengths on each side of the sealed tube are the lengths of wire specified and do not include the length of the metal tube. Dimensions of the sealed tube are shown above.
  2. The number of wires refers to the total number of single wires, both copper and thermocouple wires passing through each size of sealed tube. Each series HF assembly can be specified, if required, with a combination of copper wires and thermocouple pairs.
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